best cottagecore crafts for fall

19 COZY Cottagecore Crafts For Fall [2023]

Here are some of the best cottagecore crafts for fall from your #1 cottagecore blog. Welcome to the enchanting world of cottagecore crafts for fall.

Cottagecore, a popular aesthetic inspired by a romanticized rural lifestyle, embraces the beauty of nature, simplicity, and handmade creations.

As autumn approaches with its vibrant colors and cozy atmosphere, it's the perfect time to immerse yourself in the charm of cottagecore through a variety of unique and easy craft ideas.

best cottagecore crafting ideas for autumn

From pressed leaf coasters to knitted fingerless gloves, each craft on this list captures the essence of cottagecore, allowing you to infuse your space with warmth, whimsy, and a touch of rustic elegance.

So, gather your materials, find a cozy spot by the fire, and let your creativity bloom as we embark on a delightful journey through 25 enchanting cottagecore crafts for fall.


1. Autumn Themed Bath Fizzies

When creating fall-themed bath bombs, incorporating essential oils that evoke the cozy and comforting scents of the season can enhance the cottagecore experience.

Remember to use essential oils in appropriate dilutions then enjoy the delightful scents of fall as you soak in the enchanting world of cottagecore.

fall inspired bath fizzies

Here are some essential oils that are perfect for fall from the NOW essential oils store which offers some of the best essential oils available that are 100% pure.

Patchouli: The earthy and musky aroma of patchouli essential oil creates a grounding and calming effect, helping to promote relaxation and balance during the fall season.

Frankincense: With its rich and resinous scent, frankincense essential oil brings a sense of tranquility and introspection, perfect for creating a serene bath experience as the seasons change.

Bergamot: The refreshing and citrusy aroma of bergamot essential oil uplifts the spirits and adds a touch of brightness to your bath, creating a refreshing and revitalizing experience.

Spiced Cider: With its rich and resinous scent, this essential oil blend brings a sense of tranquility and introspection, perfect for creating a serene bath experience as the seasons change.

2. Embroidered Floral Wall Art

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Embroidered Flower Wall Art: Use a combination of embroidery hoops, linen fabric, and earth-toned threads to stitch autumn designs, bringing the charm of fall to your cottage walls and evoking a sense of natural enchantment.

best cottagecore crafts for fall embroidery

3. Acorn Crafts

Collect acorns during your woodland walks and string them together with twine to make a rustic garland, adding a touch of rustic charm and autumnal delight to your cottage décor.

And if you do not have acorns available you can get acorn packages from handmade Etsy sellers.

acorn fall craft ideas for cottage

4. Hand-Painted Pumpkins

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Embrace the fall spirit by painting pumpkins with delicate floral or fairytale-inspired designs, adding a whimsical touch to your cottage and celebrating the magical colors of autumn.

best cottagecore crafts for fall painted pumpkins

Hand-painted pumpkins capture the essence of cottagecore by combining the rustic charm of autumn gourds with whimsical and personalized artistic designs, bringing a touch of creativity and handmade beauty to your cottage décor.

The act of hand-painting pumpkins allows for self-expression and a connection with nature, embodying the DIY spirit and celebrating the simple joys of the fall season.

6. Fall Flower Crown

Craft a crown using colorful autumn leaves and dried flowers, twine, and a touch of hot glue, allowing you to channel your inner woodland princess and embody the ethereal, whimsical nature of cottagecore.

best cottagecore crafting ideas for fall

A flower crown for fall embodies the cottagecore aesthetic by combining the beauty of seasonal blooms and natural elements, evoking a sense of enchantment and embracing the whimsical spirit of nature.

Wearing a flower crown in autumn allows one to celebrate the bountiful harvest and the magical transformation of the surrounding landscape, creating a picturesque and ethereal look that epitomizes the cottagecore style.

7. Painted Jars For Storing Herbs

Painting jars for holding herbs you've collected for the fall harvest adds a cottagecore touch by combining practicality with artistic expression.

best cottagecore crafts for fall painted jars

The act of painting and decorating the jars not only creates a visually pleasing display, but also adds a personal and whimsical touch to your herb storage, celebrating the abundance of nature and infusing your space with rustic charm.

8. Sunflower Watercolor

Kuretake Watercolor Paints From Japan

Painting a sunflower with watercolor paints allows you to capture the vibrant beauty and warmth of this iconic flower, bringing a touch of nature's radiance into your cottagecore-inspired artwork.

best cottagecore crafts for fall watercolor sunflower

The translucent and delicate nature of watercolors lends itself to creating soft, dreamy petals and capturing the intricate details of the sunflower, resulting in a piece that embodies the natural elegance and joyous spirit of cottagecore aesthetics.

9. Herbal Sachets

Sew small fabric pouches and fill them with dried lavender, rosemary, and other fragrant herbs, placing them in your drawers or hanging them in your closet to infuse your cottage with delightful scents and a touch of nature.

best cottagecore crafts for fall herbal sachet

10. Handmade Knitted Socks

Sock Patterns On Etsy

Knitted extra long socks epitomize the cottagecore aesthetic by combining warmth, comfort, and a cozy handmade charm.

These socks, often adorned with intricate patterns and earthy tones, evoke images of charming cottages, crackling fireplaces, and leisurely afternoons spent knitting by the window.

knitted sock patterns on etsy

With their rustic appeal and practicality, knitted extra long socks add a touch of nostalgia and a cozy cottage vibe to any outfit, embracing the timeless allure of cottagecore fashion ideas for fall.

11. DIY Herbal Tea Blends

Harvest and dry herbs such as chamomile, mint, and lavender, then mix them to create your own custom herbal tea blends, ideal for enjoying peaceful moments and connecting with nature's properties.

best cottagecore crafts for fall diy tea

12. Handmade Autumn Wreath

Collect branches, pinecones, and autumn foliage to fashion a rustic wreath that celebrates the beauty of the season, hanging it on your cottage door to welcome visitors with a warm, cottagecore aesthetic.

Or you can go simple like this one and collect only leaves for cottagecore minimalist fall wreath.

best cottagecore crafts for fall autumn wreath

13. Fall Flower Resin Jewelry

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Fall flower resin jewelry captures the essence of cottagecore by preserving the delicate beauty of autumn blooms within a transparent resin medium.

These jewelry pieces showcase the natural colors and textures of flowers, allowing you to carry a piece of nature's splendor with you wherever you go.

best cottagecore crafts for fall resin jewelry

The combination of organic elements and resin creates a whimsical and ethereal aesthetic that embodies the romanticized connection between the countryside and artisanal craftsmanship.

Making fall flower resin jewelry is a delightful addition to your cottagecore-inspired fashion accessories.

14. Rose Petal Infused Bath Salts

Combine Epsom salts, dried flower petals, and essential oils to create fragrant and therapeutic bath salts, providing a soothing escape and allowing you to pamper yourself in true cottagecore fashion.

Rose petal bath salts embody the essence of cottagecore through their soothing properties and connection to the natural world.

best cottagecore crafts for fall bath salts with rose petals

The gentle aroma of roses promotes relaxation and tranquility, creating a serene bathing experience reminiscent of idyllic cottage retreats.

The act of crafting your own bath salts for fall adds a personal touch and highlights the appreciation for simple, homemade self-care rituals, making it a delightful and cottagecore-inspired addition to your bathing routine.

15. Pottery Bowls With Leaf Imprints

Learn more about how to use pottery from our resource section.

Pottery is indeed an integral part of the cottagecore fall aesthetic, reflecting the handmade and rustic elements that define the style.

Creating pottery allows one to connect with the earth through shaping clay with their hands, evoking a sense of grounding and craftsmanship reminiscent of traditional cottage living.

cottagecore crafting ideas for fall pottery bowls

Whether crafting functional ceramic pieces or decorative objects inspired by nature, pottery embodies the simplicity, charm, and appreciation for handmade creations that define the cottagecore lifestyle.

16. Knitted Coasters

Practice your knitting skills by crafting cozy coasters using thick yarn and circular needles, providing a soft and warm spot for your hot tea or coffee mug while enhancing the cottagecore atmosphere.

best cottagecore crafts for fall knitted coasters

17. Fall Handmade Soap

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Fall handmade soap is a wonderful way to incorporate the cottagecore aesthetic into your self-care routine.

By crafting your own soap with autumn-inspired scents and natural ingredients, you can indulge in a sensory experience that evokes the cozy, rustic charm of cottage living.

fall inspired handmade soap 

The process of making soap allows you to channel your creativity while also appreciating the simplicity and beauty of traditional craftsmanship.

Imagine savoring a warm bath or washing your hands with a bar of handmade soap infused with the scents of cinnamon, apple, or pumpkin spice, enveloping you in the comforting ambiance of fall.

18.  Autumn Inspired Candles

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DIY candles perfectly capture the essence of cottagecore fall crafts by combining creativity, coziness, and a connection to nature.

Crafting your own candles allows you to customize the scents, colors, and containers, creating unique pieces that evoke the warm and inviting atmosphere of a cottage retreat.

The process of melting wax, pouring it into molds, and adding fragrances or dried botanicals adds a personal touch to your home decor, infusing it with the rustic charm and enchanting ambiance of cottagecore.

best cottagecore crafts for fall diy candles

19. DIY Junk Journals

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DIY junk journals are a quintessential cottagecore activity, as they embrace the nostalgia, creativity, and whimsical charm that define the aesthetic.

By repurposing old papers, scraps, and ephemera, you can create a unique and personalized journal that captures the essence of a bygone era.

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junk journals for diy fall crafts

The act of assembling and decorating the journal with vintage-style elements, such as lace, dried flowers, and handwritten notes, creates a tangible connection to the past.

And this celebrates the beauty of handmade keepsakes, making it a delightful and cottagecore-inspired project.

In Closing:

As the crisp autumn air settles in and the leaves begin to turn, we hope these cottagecore craft ideas for fall have inspired you to bring a touch of rustic charm and whimsical beauty into your home.

If you're creating pressed leaf coasters, knitting fingerless gloves, or crafting herbal sachets, each project is an opportunity to embrace the simple pleasures of handmade creations and connect with the enchanting spirit of cottagecore.

cottagecore crafting ideas for fall

So, gather your supplies, let your imagination run wild, and create a cozy and magical atmosphere that will transport you to the idyllic world of cottage living. Happy crafting!

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