best cottagecore fashion and clothing shops on etsy

17 Best Cottagecore Clothing & Fashion Shops Etsy [2023]

Here are the best cottagecore fashion shops on Etsy. From one of a kind dresses to handmade winter. You will find some of the most unique vintage summer dresses, earthy fashion & and lacy fabric shops for your one of a kind cottagecore fashion ideas.

Welcome to our roundup of the best cottagecore clothing shops on Etsy! If you're looking to embrace the peaceful, rustic aesthetic of cottagecore, then you'll love these charming and cozy shops.

Each cottagecore clothing brand is filled with handmade and vintage pieces that will transport you to a simpler time. If you're in search of romantic dresses, sweet lace blouses, or comfortable knitwear, these cottagecore clothing shops have some truly inspired ideas for you.

Get ready to fall in love with the timeless beauty of cottagecore fashion.

cottagecore fashion shops on etsy

And with so many talented designers and vintage sellers on Etsy, you're sure to discover some true hidden gems. So come on in, and start exploring the wonderful world of cottagecore fashion!

Cottagecore Clothing Shops On Etsy

1. Fanako Studio NYC

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If cottagecore and fashionable hats are your thing, this is the shop for you. Their selection of expertly-crafted hats offers a variety of cottagecore styles that will become a timeless, stylish addition to any look.

They offer everything from unique wide-brimmed styles to wear in your gardens to classic beanies, there is something for all cottagecore fashionistas. With so many designs to choose from, you're sure to find a hat that suits your personality.

best cottagecore straw hats

2. Charooq

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Charooq is the cottagecore shop of your dreams for house shoes. Step inside their shop and be swept away by lightweight house shoes. A good choice for curling up on the couch with a book or running out to your garden for your daily herbs.

A pair of handmade shoes to wear while making a cup of tea, or to give the cottagecore lover in your life as a gift - Charooq is a dreamy place to browse.

The cottagecore vibes bring charm and softness into everyday life.

best cottagecore fashion shops on etsy

3. Linen Collections

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The Linen Collections shop is a destination to find cottagecore romanticism and timeless class. From linen dresses that bring you back to a simpler time spent in the garden, to the best nightdresses, blouses and skirts all made with natural materials, this store has something for everyone looking for a romantic cottage-style look.

The store pays attention to every detail when creating its items, ensuring that each piece is of high quality and maintains timeless beauty.

With designs from classic cottage styles to modern fashion trends, anyone looking for a special vintage touch can be sure to find it here.

best cottagecore fashion shops on etsy 

4. Spoonflower Fabrics

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Spoonflower is a shop on Etsy that offers a wide selection of high-quality, custom cottagecore fabrics with vintage and floral aesthetics.

With Spoonflower, you can choose from a variety of designs created by independent artists for your DIY cottagecore fashion dresses, hats, scarves and more.

If you're a professional seamstress, or just looking for some extra DIY accents for your cottagecore fashion ideas, Spoonflower has something for you. It's never been easier to bring your creative ideas to life.

cottagecore shops on etsy

5. Makie Style

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This romantic cottagecore dress is a good example of vintage style for those cottage feels. The intricate lacey detailing adds a touch of elegance to the classic design while the soft colors create a gentle, airy feel.

It's a timeless piece that can be worn for any special occasion or just an ordinary day out. This shop offers many different styles of cottagecore clothing for any mood.

cottagecore fashion dresses on etsy

6. The Chemistri

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The Chemistri is a cottagecore shop for cozy, one-of-a-kind gifts. From handmade cozy stocks to embroidered aprons, this unique shop has something endearing to offer for lovers of the cottagecore lifestyle.

Shop with confidence knowing that each carefully crafted item comes from a place of love for the natural world - these pieces are thoughtfully designed and carefully selected to bring a little cottagecore magic into your life.

the chemistri on etsy 

7. Zaylia Boutique LLC

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Zaylia Boutique LLC is a charming cottagecore boutique that offers dreamy and romantic fashion ideas. Their selection of dresses captures magical ethereal aesthetics, making it a good shop for anyone looking to express their eclectic whimsical style.

They offer beautiful lacy Victorian elegance and cottage-inspired fairy princess vibes, so you'll surely find something that fits your needs.

For those who embrace cottagecore, Zaylia Boutique embodies the fantasy of a harmonious borderless world and is sure to leave you enveloped in its magical charm.

cottagecore dresses

8. Linen Naive

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If you have been dreaming of bringing cottagecore vibes into your style, then look no further than Linennaive on Etsy.

This shop offers a stunning range of clothing crafted from premium linen and wool, for creating an atmosphere of cozy comfort. 

Their romantic accessories and stylish garments will complement cottagecore gardens and cottage-style style.

With its unique attention to detail and timeless craftsmanship, this Etsy shop is sure to deliver the country style look for any cottagecore enthusiast.

cottagecore shops on etsy

9. Mollasani Shop

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For those seeking cottagecore style clothing, here is a marvelous option. This shop features an exquisitely romantic selection of vintage-inspired dresses and blouses made from the softest chiffon fabric.

Each design looks like it stepped out of a fairytale, capturing the cottagecore aesthetic.

They offer sweetly feminine tea-length skirts to ruffled blouses that make a great fashion choice for bookclubs in the garden, this shop has just what you need for your cottagecore wardrobe.

cottagecore clothing shops on etsy

10. Wilshire Goods Shop

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With its vintage cottagecore vibes, this shop is the dream destination for any cottagecore enthusiast on the hunt for the apron.

Their lovely collection features plenty of harvest-inspired designs that look like they'd be right at home in a cottage kitchen.

Soft colors, delicate fabrics, and subtle details make their aprons an ideal addition to anyone's cottagecore wardrobe.

WilshireGoodsShop is sure to please even the pickiest of cottagecore aficionados.

cottagecore apron shops on etsy

11. Urban Eccentric

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Urbaneccentric on Etsy is a cottagecore paradise. With their romantic selection of vintage apparel, you can easily create that timeless cottagecore look.

From gorgeous hats made of linen and lace, to classic dresses and charming outerwear, this shop has everything you need for a look that is as refreshing as spring rain. 

No matter if you're planning an outing to the cottage or just want a cottagecore feel with your wardrobe, Urbaneccentric offers one-of-a-kind pieces with a touch of nostalgia.

cottagecore dress shops on etsy

12. Magic Linen

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MagicLinen on Etsy provides cottagecore lovers with truly unique, bespoke pieces for their wardrobe. Their clothing and accessories, like beautiful linen dresses and bottoms and aprons, are crafted with love and attention to detail that adds a romantic touch to any look.

Every piece of fabric is carefully selected and dyed in natural shades, giving it a soft strength that’s an airy choice for outdoor cottagecore adventures.

Plus they are an ethical and suitable shop and that's something we can all get behind.

cottagecore garden dress shops on etsy

13. Simpson Gardens

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Ann's Vintage Life is the ideal cottagecore retreat for anyone looking to round out their wardrobe with chic, rustic apparel.

A beautiful selection of aprons boast primitive yet timeless designs for any cottagecore enthusiast.

The vintage styles are carefully chosen to ensure maximum quality and style, in an effort to allow your cottagecore aesthetic to really shine.

best cottagecore shops on etsy

14. Pooh Bear Co

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This is an enchanting shop for cottagecore style clothing for those who love to wrap themselves in whimsy. Each piece has been lovingly made with intricate floral details.

Perfect for the magical cottagecore aesthetic, featuring beautiful pressed flower clothing that will ensure you look just as pretty as the gardens they come from.

cottagecore floral clothing shops on etsy

15. Virivee

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Virivee is an Etsy shop that offers unique cottagecore tights for romantic walks through the meadow.

Inspired by nature and with whimsical designs, these tights are delicate and lightweight, made from the finest cotton blends for the utmost comfort, so you can explore without a care in sight.

Unlock your cottagecore dreams with a pair of beautiful and unique tights for those days of flowers and spring.

cottagecore tights shops on etsy

16. Follkee

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The cooler months can be such a whimsical and romantic season, and Follkee's cottagecore slippers and socks will have you feeling the fall or winter spirit in no time.

Their handmade merino wool collection is amazing for wrapping up cozy at home which gives you cottagecore vibes full of comfort and style.

You will find something extra special to fill your stocking, or simply make your toes feel like royalty this winter. Gloriously soft and warm - cottagecore dreams really do come true.

cottagecore clothing & slipper shops on etsy

17. Glorka

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For lovers of cottagecore style, Glorka is a one-stop shop. Choose from an enchanting selection of handmade robes and clothing that will transport you to an idyllic paradise.

Every item taken from this shop, whether that be a whimsical robe or an ethereal dress, is made with luxurious materials and a dedication to bringing comfort and beauty into your life.

cottagecore dress and cape shops on etsy

In Conclusion

From rustic farmhouse prints to delicate floral patterns, we hope you found a piece of must-have cottagecore clothing from one of these shops.

For those looking for a dreamy dress for your next garden party or a cozy sweater for a crisp autumn day, there's so many enchanting pieces.

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