must know cottagecore niches

19 MUST KNOW Cottagecore Niches [2023]

Welcome to the enchanting world of cottagecore! Step into a realm where the rustic charm of rural living intertwines with the simple pleasures of nature and the embrace of traditional crafts.

Cottagecore, a popular aesthetic and lifestyle trend, invites you to immerse yourself in a picturesque realm that celebrates the beauty of simplicity, the allure of vintage aesthetics, and the tranquility of a slower pace of life.

In this delightful journey, you'll discover a myriad of cottagecore niches, each offering a unique tapestry of experiences and passions.

Whether you find solace in tending to a blooming garden, weaving intricate needlework, or brewing comforting cups of tea, there is a niche waiting to captivate your imagination.

must know cottagecore niches

From the whimsical realms of fairies and woodland creatures to the time-honored traditions of farming, pottery, and homesteading, the possibilities are as boundless as the rolling meadows and gentle breezes that inspire this aesthetic,

must know cottagecore niches

So, take a deep breath, feel the earth beneath your feet, and let the magic of cottagecore transport you to a realm of timeless wonder and tranquility. The journey begins now.

Most Popular Cottagecore Niches

1. Cottagecore Nature Journaling

Immerse yourself in the art of nature journaling, a delightful practice that combines creativity and a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Venture into forests, gardens, or nearby meadows, armed with a sketchbook or journal, and capture the intricate details of flora and fauna.

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cottagecore niches nature journaling

Take inspiration from the changing seasons, record observations, and unleash your artistic talents through drawings, pressed flowers, and heartfelt reflections.

Nature journaling invites you to slow down, connect with the environment, and create a tangible memory of your encounters with the natural world.

2. Vintage Photography

Capture the essence of the cottagecore aesthetic through vintage photography. Dust off your analog camera or experiment with film filters to create timeless and ethereal images.

Embrace soft lighting, dreamy landscapes, and nostalgic compositions to evoke the enchanting beauty of the past.

cottagecore niches vintage photography

Whether you're exploring sun-kissed fields or documenting your cozy cottage, vintage photography adds a touch of whimsy to your visual storytelling.

3. Foraging & Wildcrafting

Explore the bountiful treasures of the natural world with foraging and wildcrafting.

Venture into woodlands, meadows, and fields to discover an array of edible and medicinal plants.

cottagecore niches

Learn to identify and responsibly harvest wild ingredients to create herbal remedies, natural dyes, and delightful culinary creations. We have a helpful article on the best dehydrator for drying flowers.

This niche allows you to deepen your connection with nature while embracing the self-sufficiency and resourcefulness of bygone eras.

4. Candle Making

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Step into the world of candle making, where you can embrace the art of creating warm and inviting atmospheres.

From choosing the perfect scents to hand-pouring wax into charming containers, candle making allows you to infuse your space with cozy and nostalgic ambiance.

cottagecore niches making candles

Dive into the world of different waxes, fragrances, and wicks, and let your creativity shine as you craft delightful candles for yourself and others to enjoy.

When you have a moment check out the top selling candle makers on Etsy to get some inspiration.

5. Farmcore

This niche focuses on embracing the farming lifestyle, including growing your own food, tending to animals, and incorporating agricultural elements into your daily life.

cottagecore niches farmcore

6. Gardencore

Gardencore enthusiasts prioritize gardening and cultivating beautiful, lush gardens. This niche often includes growing a variety of plants, flowers, and herbs, as well as creating cozy outdoor spaces.

cottagecore niches gardencore

Growing your own food embodies the essence of gardencore as it represents an act of self-sufficiency.

It embodies the principles of environmentalism and sustainability by reducing reliance on mass production, pesticides, and transportation emissions.

cottagecore niches

Gardencore enthusiasts embrace the DIY spirit, cultivating their own organic gardens and exploring innovative techniques like permaculture and hydroponics.

It fosters a deep connection with nature and promotes food justice, empowering individuals to reclaim control over their nourishment while fostering a sense of community and sharing knowledge. 

7. Kitchencore

Kitchencore combines the cottagecore aesthetic with an emphasis on cooking, baking, and herbalism. It includes creating wholesome meals, preserving food, and using natural ingredients for healing and wellness.

cottagecore niches kitchencore

8. Woodlandcore

Woodlandcore enthusiasts draw inspiration from forests and woodlands, incorporating elements like woodland creatures, foraging, mushroom hunting, and creating a cozy forest retreat.

cottagecore niches woodlandcore

9. Fairycore

This niche focuses on embracing the magical and whimsical aspects of cottagecore.

It includes fairy-inspired aesthetics, fantasy elements, and a touch of enchantment in décor and fashion.

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10. Sewing & Needlework

This niche is all about traditional crafts such as sewing, embroidery, knitting, and crocheting.

It emphasizes creating handmade clothing, accessories, and home décor items. Check out our cottagecore textile ideas & articles to learn more.

cottagecore niches sewing and needlework

11. Herbalism

This niche centers around using herbs, plants, and natural ingredients for healing purposes.

cottagecore niches herbalism

It includes creating herbal remedies, making DIY beauty and skincare products, and exploring holistic health practices.

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herbal seeds for herbalism

12. Cottagecore Fashion

Cottagecore fashion incorporates vintage-inspired clothing, soft and feminine styles, floral prints, lace, and modest silhouettes. It often includes elements like straw hats, pinafores, and romantic accessories.

We have lots of helpful articles to help you learn about cottagecore fashion.

cottagecore niches fashion

13. Tea Culture

Tea culture enthusiasts embrace the art of tea-making, exploring different types of tea, creating beautiful tea rituals, and incorporating tea-related décor into their homes.

Check out our article about why Tea Culture is so popular.

cottagecore niches tea culture

14. Book Nook

This niche is all about creating cozy reading spaces, collecting vintage books, and embracing a love for literature.

It often includes creating small nooks or libraries with comfortable seating, soft lighting, and book-related décor.

cottagecore book nook niche

15. Beekeeping

his niche focuses on the practice of beekeeping and the conservation of bees. It includes setting up beehives, learning about bee behavior, harvesting honey, and creating a bee-friendly garden.

cottagecore niches beekeeping

16. Pottery & Ceramics

Pottery and ceramics enthusiasts embrace the art of handcrafting clay objects.

They often create functional items such as mugs, bowls, and vases using traditional techniques like wheel-throwing or hand-building.

Check out our helpful pottery & ceramic how to's to learn more.

cottagecore niches pottery and ceramics

17. Homesteading

Homesteading involves living a self-sufficient lifestyle, with an emphasis on growing your own food, raising animals, and practicing sustainable living.

It includes skills like canning, preserving, and DIY projects.

cottagecore niches homesteading

18. Forest Bathing

This niche is all about immersing yourself in nature and connecting with the healing powers of the forest.

Forest bathing enthusiasts often engage in mindful walks, meditation, and grounding exercises in wooded areas.

cottagecore niches forest bathing

19. Cottagecore Travel

Cottagecore travel enthusiasts seek out quaint and idyllic destinations that align with the cottagecore aesthetic.

They enjoy visiting charming villages, exploring countryside landscapes, and immersing themselves in local traditions and crafts.

Visit our article to see some of the cutest cottagecore cottages.

cottagecore niches travel

In Closing:

Each of these niches invites you to delve deeper into the captivating world of cottagecore, exploring new avenues of creativity, connection with nature, and the revival of nostalgic traditions.

Embrace these niches as invitations to craft your own personal haven, a place where the echoes of simpler times harmonize with the beauty of the present.

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