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19 COTTAGECORE Activities & Things To Do [2023]

Here are some cottagecore things to do when you have some extra time or are bored. Welcome to the enchanting world of cottagecore!

When boredom strikes, why not immerse yourself in the whimsical and rustic charm of cottagecore activities?

No matter if you seek solace in the simplicity of nature, yearn for cozy moments of creativity, or dream of a slower pace of life, we've curated a list of delightful things to do.

cottagecore things to do

From creating cozy reading nooks to exploring the great outdoors, from indulging in homemade treats to embracing nostalgic crafts, each suggestion will transport you to a realm of tranquility and enchantment.

So, if you're ready to infuse your days with a touch of cottagecore magic, let's embark on this journey together. Discover the joy of these cottagecore-inspired activities and let your imagination wander amidst the beauty of simplicity.

Cottagecore Things To Do

1. Make A Cozy Reading Nook

Creating a reading nook is a wonderful way to embrace the cozy and introspective spirit of cottagecore.

Start by selecting a quiet corner or a serene spot in your home where you can retreat and immerse yourself in the pages of a beloved book.

Set the ambiance by adorning the space with soft, comfortable cushions and a warm, knitted blanket. Don't forget the fairy lights. 😉

cottagecore ideas to do reading nook

2. Take A Nature Walk

Go for a leisurely nature walk. Explore nearby parks or trails, and embrace the beauty of the outdoors. Or better yet, find a field of flowers. 

Walking through a flower field is considered cottagecore because it encapsulates the romanticized vision of being in harmony with nature and embracing the beauty of the countryside.

cottagecore ideas nature walk

Strolling amidst blooming flowers, such as wildflowers, sunflowers, or lavender, evokes a sense of tranquility and serenity, allowing one to escape the bustling modern world and immerse themselves in the simple pleasures of life.

3. Go Flower Gathering

Gather flowers, leaves, and twigs to create a DIY floral arrangement or a nature-inspired craft. Gathering flowers, leaves, and twigs to create a DIY floral arrangement or nature-inspired craft is a quintessential cottagecore activity that celebrates the beauty of the natural world.

cottagecore activities flower gathering 

By incorporating these elements into your creations, you bring a touch of whimsy and organic charm into your living space, fostering a connection to the enchanting simplicity of cottage life.

4. Bake Bread

Bake a batch of homemade cookies or delicious bread. Cottagecore aesthetics often involve rustic, homemade treats. 

Cottagecore baking embodies the heartwarming essence of a cozy countryside kitchen. It involves the joy of using simple, wholesome ingredients to create delicious treats that evoke a sense of nostalgia and homemade charm.

cottagecore activities baking bread

From freshly baked pies with flaky crusts to rustic bread that fills the air with comforting aromas, cottagecore baking celebrates the art of slow and mindful preparation, often inspired by traditional recipes passed down through generations.

5. Go For A Picnic

Have a picnic in a picturesque location. Pack a basket filled with delicious snacks, a cozy handmade quilt, and your favorite book.

cottagecore activities picnic

6. Learn How To Make Pottery

Pottery embodies the essence of cottagecore with its rustic, handcrafted appeal and connection to the earth.

The process of shaping clay into functional and artistic pieces resonates with the desire for simplicity and a return to traditional craftsmanship. Check out our pottery and clay resources.

cottagecore activities pottery

7. Make A Quilt

Quilting embodies the spirit of cottagecore through its traditional craftsmanship, cozy aesthetics, and connection to storytelling. The art of quilting involves stitching together fabric pieces to create intricate patterns and designs, often using vintage or floral fabrics that evoke a sense of nostalgia.

cottagecore activities making a quilt

The process of quilting itself is a slow and deliberate one, requiring patience, attention to detail, and a reverence for the handcrafted.

This meditative activity not only produces beautiful and functional quilts but also reflects the cottagecore values of simplicity, resourcefulness, and embracing the comforts of home.

Here are some of the best quilting kits for DIY quilts.

8. Write A Heartfelt Letter

Write letters or send postcards to friends and loved ones. Use decorative stationery and seal the envelopes with wax.

Purchase wax seal kits on Amazon

cottagecore activities writing a letter

9. Make A Terrarium

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Create your own terrarium or mini indoor garden. Arrange small plants, moss, and pebbles in a glass container or apothecary jar.

cottagecore activities terrarium

10. Watch Cottagecore Movies

Watch a classic or indie film with a cozy blanket and a cup of tea. Choose movies that have a nostalgic or whimsical feel. Here are some cottagecore movie ideas:

Pride And Prejudice

Downton Abbey

Anne Of Green Gables

cottagecore ideas anne of green gables

11. Watch The Birds

Bird watching is considered cottagecore as it invites one to appreciate the beauty and serenity of the natural world, particularly the avian inhabitants.

Observing and identifying different bird species, noting their unique calls and behaviors, fosters a sense of connection with nature and evokes a nostalgic charm, aligning with the peaceful and harmonious ideals of cottagecore.

cottagecore activities bird watching

12. Listen To Soft Music In The Bath

Gather your essential oils, and self care items. Watch the flickering candlelight, while embracing the peaceful moment spent in the embrace of the warm water.

Listening to soft music is considered cottagecore because it creates an ambiance of tranquility and nostalgia, reminiscent of simpler times and idyllic countryside settings.

cottagecore ideas spa bath

13. Draw In Your Journal

Custom Nature Journals On Etsy

Both watercolor painting and sketching in a cottagecore style celebrate the simplicity and nostalgia associated with traditional artistic mediums.

They invite us to slow down, observe the wonders of nature, and translate them onto paper with a touch of whimsy and charm.

cottagecore ideas journaling

Through these creative endeavors, we can cultivate a deeper connection with the natural world and bring the magic of cottagecore to life on canvas or paper.

14. Freshen Up Your Space

Rearranging and redecorating your living space to embrace a cottagecore aesthetic allows you to create a cozy and nostalgic sanctuary.

Incorporating vintage touches such as antique furniture, delicate lace curtains, and old-fashioned trinkets, along with beautiful hand cut flowers, adds a sense of timeless charm and brings the beauty of nature indoors.

cottagecore activities redecorating

15. Make Homemade Candles

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Indulging in a homemade candle-making session is a delightful cottagecore activity that allows you to tap into your creativity while bringing warmth and ambiance to your living space.

By experimenting with various scents, from floral and herbal notes to cozy and comforting aromas, you can craft unique and personalized candles.

Not only do they fill the air with delightful fragrances but also serve as a reflection of your individuality and aesthetic sensibilities. And if you don not want to make you own, check out our list of the best candle shops on Etsy.

best cottagecore activities candlemaking

16. Start An Herb Garden

Heirloom Herb Garden Seeds On Etsy

Start a small herb garden. Grow herbs like basil, mint, or rosemary, and use them in your cooking or tea. 

Growing herbs is considered cottagecore because it embraces the timeless connection between humans and nature, as well as the appreciation for traditional herbal remedies and culinary delights.

Cultivating a herb garden allows you to experience the joy of tending to the plants, witnessing their growth, and using them in your cooking or tea rituals.

best cottagecore activities herb garden

It adds a touch of rustic charm to your living space and encourages a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle, embodying the essence of cottagecore's simple and nurturing relationship with the natural world.

17. Go Thrifting

Go thrift shopping or visit local farmers' markets. Look for vintage clothing, unique trinkets, or fresh produce. Don't forget to shop for cottagecore essentials like vintage style tea cups.

best cottagecore activities thrifting

18. Host A Tea Party

Set up a small tea party for yourself or a few close friends. Serve homemade pastries, finger sandwiches, and a selection of herbal teas.

best cottagecore activities tea party

19. Preserve & Dry Flowers

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Embrace the art of preserving the beauty of nature by drying flowers or herbs. Gather blooms from your garden or forage for wildflowers, then carefully dry them by hanging them upside down or using drying methods such as pressing.

Once dried, you can create whimsical dried flower arrangements or use the dried herbs for culinary purposes, herbal teas, or homemade sachets, infusing your living space with a touch of natural charm.

best cottagecore activities drying flowers

In Closing

We hope this list of cottagecore activities has sparked some ideas for you. Embrace the beauty of simplicity and find solace in the whimsical world of cottagecore. The next time boredom strikes, remember these activities.

best cottagecore ideas to do

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