best resin flower coasters

13 BEAUTIFUL Resin Flower Coasters & Ideas [2023]

Welcome to a delightful collection of the most exquisite resin flower coasters, curated especially for your cottagecore home décor aspirations.

In the heart of the countryside charm, these floral resin treasures seamlessly blend functionality with the timeless beauty of nature.

Resin flower coasters have many uses like sipping tea by the window or for a special accent when hosting a quaint gathering. Resin coasters with flowers inside will transport you to a world of serene gardens and idyllic meadows.

resin flower coasters

Embrace the captivating allure of blossoms as we present a handpicked assortment that will effortlessly elevate your cottagecore ambiance and infuse your living space with the essence of floral wonder.

Let's embark on a journey through this blooming bouquet of flower coasters, perfect for adorning your home with rustic elegance and nostalgic charm.


1. Pressed Flower Resin Coasters

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Bring joy to any occasion with these delightful resin coasters adorned with real pressed flowers—a truly enchanting gift idea that will brighten hearts and elevate home decor with blooming cheerfulness!

Spread smiles and capture the essence of nature's beauty with these perfect tokens of affection.

flower resin coasters

2. Hand Crafted Floral Coasters

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Embrace the essence of everlasting love with these enchanting resin coasters adorned with carefully pressed flowers.

A luxurious gift idea that symbolizes the eternal blooming of affection and captures the essence of cherished memories in the most exquisite manner.

Elevate the romance of any moment and evoke sentiments of love and admiration with this opulent and heartfelt gesture.

best resin flower coasters

3. Dried Flowers Resin Coasters

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Welcome to an enchanting boutique, where they specialize in the art of preserving nature's delicate blooms in mesmerizing resin creations.

Discover a treasure trove of timeless floral keepsakes, crafted with love and care, to cherish the beauty of your favorite flowers.

large dried flowers resin coasters

4. Lilac Resin Flower Coasters

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Embrace the allure of nature with this captivating set of four large resin coasters, exquisitely cast in a mesmerizing lilac hue.

Each coaster boasts enchanting purple flowers gracefully adorning its surface, accented with silver leaf and delicate purple glass stones, creating a breathtaking display of floral elegance.

Measuring approximately 5.5 inches in width, these coasters are sure to add a touch of enchantment to any setting and become cherished conversation pieces in your home decor.

best resin flower coasters

5. Bridal Resin Flower Coaster Set

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Indulge in the artistry of these meticulously crafted handmade floral resin coasters, designed to encapsulate the beauty of your cherished bouquet forever.

Each coaster becomes a timeless keepsake, preserving the essence of nature's blooms in mesmerizing resin, ready to adorn your home with its everlasting charm.

best resin flower coasters

6. Butterfly Flower Resin Coaster

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Experience the magic of nature's metamorphosis with this whimsical resin flower coaster shaped like a butterfly.

Sparkling with glittery accents, this enchanting piece adds a touch of fluttering beauty and artistic charm to your home décor, capturing the essence of delicate blooms and the grace of a butterfly in one delightful creation.

best butterfly flower resin coasters

7. Square Botanical Resin Coaster

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Indulge in the captivating allure of Caretuals' handmade flower resin coasters and trays.

Crafted with love, these exquisite creations feature pressed flowers, glistening crystal chips, and lustrous resin. Bringing a burst of natural beauty and charm to your home décor that will uplift your spirits.

best flower resin coasters

8. Artisan Flower Resin Coasters

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A stunning collection of preserved pressed flower coasters, adorned with delicate touches of gold flake and sparkling glitter.

These beautiful coasters are a celebration of nature's elegance, adding a touch of enchantment and sophistication to your living spaces.

artisan flower resin coasters

9. White & Gold Flower Resin Coasters

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Elevate your décor with the timeless beauty of these white floral and gold flake resin coasters, a beloved favorite among their customers.

Handmade with care, each coaster is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, showcasing a harmonious blend of white floral elegance and glistening gold flake accents, making them the perfect addition to your home and a conversation starter for any gathering.

white and gold resin coasters

10. 1900's Floral Resin Coasters

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Transport yourself to a bygone era with these cottagecore 1900s floral illustration 8 piece resin coaster set.

Meticulously handmade, each coaster features a nostalgic floral illustration encapsulated under a durable hard resin topcoat, providing both vintage charm and long-lasting protection.

Designed with a lightweight, shatterproof cork backing, these coasters perfectly blend beauty and functionality for your everyday enjoyment.

1900's floral resin coasters

11. Hydrangea Resin Coasters

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Captivating resin coasters adorned with delicate flowers and hydrangeas. These enchanting coasters bring the beauty of nature to your home.

They create a charming and elegant atmosphere while protecting your surfaces with their durable resin design.

hydrangea resin coasters

12. Plum Colored Flower Resin Coaster Set

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With their unique and alluring design, these coasters not only protect your surfaces but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any setting, making them a delightful addition to your living space.

plum colored flower resin coaster set

13. Birth Month Flower Resin Coasters

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Unleash the magic of birth flowers with our enchanting collection of flower resin coasters.

Inspired by the unique essence of each birth flower, these coasters capture the essence of nature's beauty and hold special significance.

birth month flower resin coasters

In Closing:

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the enchanting world of flower coasters for your cottagecore home décor.

We hope these delightful pieces have inspired you to infuse your living space with the timeless allure of nature and the serenity of blossoms.

May these exquisite coasters add a touch of rustic elegance and nostalgic charm to your cottagecore haven, creating a welcoming and picturesque atmosphere for you and your guests.

Remember, even the smallest details can transform a house into a home, and these floral treasures are no exception. Happy decorating!

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