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11 BEST Epoxy & UV Resin For Flowers [2023]

Here are the best resins to use for flowers from your #1 cottagecore blog! Welcome to our comprehensive guide featuring the crème de la crème of resins for flowers.

If you're an avid gardener, a creative artist, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of preserved blooms, this curated list will help you discover the finest resins available.

With their ability to capture nature's delicate wonders and immortalize them in a glossy and durable form, these resins have revolutionized the world of floral preservation.

best resin for flowers

Get ready to embark on a journey through the top resins renowned for their exceptional quality, ease of use, and stunning results.

So, let's dive in and explore the best dried flower resins that will preserve your pressed flowers to preserve their enchanting allure for years to come.

Before going ahead with pouring resin over flowers, be sure your flowers are completely dry. Here's a helpful article about how to properly dry flowers for resin.

Best Epoxy Resin For Flowers

1. CRAFT RESIN For Flower Casting

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This is one of the top selling brands for flower casting resin. It's formulated to bring your floral creations to life and is a 1:1 ratio of hardener and resin.

With its crystal-clear formula and exceptional durability, this resin effortlessly captures the intricate details of delicate petals and leaves, preserving their natural beauty for years to come. So if you are looking for resin bouquet preservation or resin flower trays, this is a good one to begin with.

Whether you're a passionate DIY enthusiast or a professional florist, this resin is a good choice for crafting stunning jewelry, decorative pieces, and everlasting botanical artwork.

best resin for resin jewelry flowers

2. ART N GLOW Non Yellowing Resin

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If you are wondering about what the best resin to use for flowers is, then this is another great choice. You can make wedding flowers and your flower-inspired creations with this clear flower casting resin.

With a generous 40-minute work time, it's ideal for crafting intricate flower coasters and small floral jewelry that will capture the essence of nature in stunning detail with the crystal clear formula.

resin for wedding flowers


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This is a clear resin, featuring a self-leveling formula that ensures a flawless finish for your flower casting and intricate floral crafts.

Formulated with UV additives, this resin provides optimal protection against yellowing, preserving the vibrant colors of your botanical creations for years to come.

With its extended 40-minute work time, you can craft exquisite flower coasters and resin pressed flower jewelry that showcase the beauty of nature with unmatched clarity and durability.


best resin for resin tray flowers

4. BEAST BOND Professional Resin

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Beast Bond is a self-leveling formula that will give a smooth and even surface for your flower casting and intricate floral crafts.

With minimal bubbles when the directions for stirring are followed, this resin ensures impeccable clarity and professional-looking results. This can be used from flower resin tables to dried flower resin rings.

This is a two part epoxy and resin in a large 1 gallon set so if you need to make a lot of flower creations like preserving mementos or making large amounts of jewelry, this is a great choice for that.

casting resin for flowers

5. ART RESIN Crystal Clear

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Art Resin, the renowned brand in the crafting world, has gained immense popularity for its exceptional performance in creating crafts with flowers like resin flower coasters and roses in resin.

Specially formulated for flower casting and floral designs, Art Resin offers shiny clarity, a self-leveling nature, and the ability to preserve the delicate beauty of flowers.

With Art Resin, artists and beginners alike can craft stunning floral creations that showcase the vibrant colors and intricate details of nature.

artresin for flowers

6. CLEARCAST RESIN For Flower Casting

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The remarkable clarity and high gloss finish of Clearcast Resin is  a top-choice brand for flower casting and for making resin flower paperweights.

This product cures to a hard, durable finish with excellent water resistance, ensuring the long-lasting preservation of your floral creations.

Ideal for pouring large batches, such as a full-size wedding bouquet.  It is recommended to pour in stages, staying under 1/2" per pour.


clearcast for flowers in epoxy

7. LET'S RESIN Casting Resin

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This epoxy cures to a crystal clear finish that is resistant to yellowing and provides a superior high gloss compared to other resin kits.

It hardens to a rock-solid state, ensuring durability for your finished projects so if you are making rose petals in resin or flower resin spheres, this is a good one to start with.

Their resin kit formulation includes anti-foaming agents, which prevent the formation of air bubbles or eliminate existing ones.

Within an hour, the bubbles naturally vanish, leaving you with finished products that have a glass-like clarity.

This resin is perfect for preserving flowers, as it saves you time by minimizing the need for bubble removal compared to other epoxy resins.

lets resin flower casting epoxy

8. KISREL UV Resin

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Flowers in epoxy has never been easier. This beginner-friendly UV Resin is a fantastic choice for crafters new to resin art.

With this convenient resin, there's no need for mixing—it cures effortlessly under a UV light. Since his UV resin simplifies the process you can start creating flower resin jewelry, coasters and flower ornaments right away.

This resin requires a UV light for curing. This is the best lamp for curing resin, the SUN UV resin lamp.

kisrel uv resin for flowers

9. LET'S RESIN Clear UV Resin

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This UV resin kit is a solution for flower resin crafters, especially beginners, as it includes both the UV resin and a convenient cure light.

With this comprehensive kit, there's no need to purchase the cure light separately, making it a cost-effective and hassle-free choice.

Simply use the UV resin with the included cure light to achieve quick and professional curing results for your resin pressed flower creations.

best flower resin kit with cure lamp

10. YIEHO UV Flower Resin

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Beginners may prefer UV resin over epoxy resin due to its simplified curing process, as it cures quickly and effortlessly under a UV light without the need for precise mixing ratios or measuring.

Additionally, UV resin lowers the cure time, making it a more user-friendly and beginner-friendly option for resin flower crafting projects.

best uv flower resin

11. HIPPIE CRAFTER Crafting Resin

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Hippy Crafter Resin, the go-to choice for flower resin crafts. This popular resin captures the essence of nature with its crystal-clear finish, allowing floral creations to shine in all their vibrant glory.

With its exceptional clarity, easy-to-use formulation, and durable results, Hippy Crafter Resin has become a favorite among crafters, enabling them to create stunning and long-lasting flower resin crafts that beautifully encapsulate the beauty of botanicals.

top selling resin for flowers

5 top things to look for when buying resin for flowers

When purchasing resin for flowers, it's essential to consider certain factors to ensure you select the best product for your specific needs. Here are the top five things to look for when buying resin for flowers.

Transparency and Clarity: Opt for a resin that offers exceptional transparency and clarity. This will allow the flowers to shine through and maintain their natural beauty without any cloudiness or discoloration.

best resin is transparent for flowers

UV Resistance: Flowers are susceptible to fading and discoloration when exposed to sunlight over time. Choosing a resin with UV resistance will help protect the flowers from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays, ensuring their vibrant colors remain intact for an extended period.

Non-Yellowing Properties: Over time, some resins tend to develop a yellowish tint, which can affect the appearance of preserved flowers. Look for a resin that is specifically formulated to be non-yellowing, guaranteeing the longevity of the resin's crystal-clear finish.

best resin for flowers

Low Odor: Resins can emit strong chemical odors during the curing process, which can be unpleasant and overwhelming. Consider selecting a resin that is labeled as low odor or odorless, allowing you to work with it comfortably and enjoy the floral preservation process.

Ease of Use and Curing Time: Check for resins that are user-friendly and have a reasonable curing time. Some resins may require additional equipment or lengthy curing periods, while others offer a straightforward application process and quick curing times, allowing you to enjoy your preserved flowers sooner.

best resin for flowers

In Closing:

We hope this list of the best resins for flowers has inspired you and provided valuable insights for your floral projects.

From preserving cherished bouquets to creating unique jewelry pieces, these resins offer endless possibilities for capturing the beauty of nature.

best epoxy resin for flowers

Remember to choose a resin that aligns with your specific needs and preferences, whether it's clarity, UV resistance, or ease of use.

Now, armed with this knowledge, go forth and let your creativity bloom with the help of these remarkable resins. Happy crafting!

Always follow safety guidelines by wearing the proper resin respirator.

Check Prices On Resin Respirators

proper respirator for resin

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