best vintage clothing shops on etsy

10 BEST Vintage Clothing Shops On Etsy [2023]

Here are the best vintage clothing shops on Etsy. If you're looking for unique, one-of-a-kind vintage clothing pieces for a cottagecore look, Etsy is the perfect place to start.

With thousands of vintage clothing shops on the platform, you can find a vast selection of clothing and accessories from different eras, styles, and regions.

However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That's why we've compiled a list of the best vintage clothing shops on Etsy, based on their quality, selection, and customer reviews.

best vintage clothing shops on etsy

From vintage band t-shirts to 1950s dresses, these shops offer a range of unique and stylish vintage pieces that will add character and personality to your wardrobe. 

Best Vintage Clothing Shops On Etsy

1. 30 Something Vingage

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Welcome to a vintage clothing shop that has something for everyone. They specialize in offering unique and stylish vintage clothing pieces from different eras, styles, and regions. 

Their collection includes everything from vintage mystery packs, high waisted cottagecore skirts to cardigans.

best vintage clothing shops on etsy

2. Rascal Salvage Vintage

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Enter the world of Rascal Salvage Vintage, a magical place filled with one-of-a-kind treasures that will transport you to a different era. With an eye for detail and a passion for vintage, the owner curates a collection that speaks to the nostalgia within us all.

From retro clothing to funky home décor, Rascal Salvage Vintage offers a unique shopping experience that celebrates the timeless beauty of the past.

best vintage clothing shops on etsy

3. Supra Vintage

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Welcome to Supra Vintage, where the past meets the present to create something truly unique. This isn't your average vintage shop, where you'll find dusty old relics that haven't been touched in years.

Supra Vintage is all about breathing new life into items from days gone by. From funky 70s clothing to retro home decor, everything you'll find in this Etsy shop has been hand-picked for its timeless style and one-of-a-kind charm.

best vintage clothing shops on etsy

4. Leonce French Vintage

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Step into a world where vintage is more than just a trend, it's a lifestyle. This top-selling vintage clothing shop on Etsy is a treasure trove of unique finds that will transport you back in time.

You'll find everything from 70s funky prints to cottagecore 1920 blouses, all handpicked with care by the shop's owner. The attention to detail doesn't stop there - the shop's photos and descriptions make you feel like you're browsing a chic boutique in Paris.

best vintage clothing shops on etsy

5. Sunflower Luna

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This collection of beautiful cottagecore sweaters is unrivaled, with each design picked for their unique textures and intricate details. From flannel shirts to long sleeved shirts, every piece in their collections give a vintage vibe.

With an eye for the romantic and a touch of nostalgia, they pride themselves on offering timeless pieces that will last you for years to come.

best vintage clothing shop on etsy

6. Cassandra's Notebook

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Enter a world of whimsy and nostalgia with this charming shop that offers a unique selection of vintage clothing and dresses fit for the cottagecore aesthetic.

With a glance, you'll be transported to a simpler time where lace details, ruffles, and dainty prints reign supreme.

Adorned with delicate blooms, this shop is brimming with dreamy dresses in soft hues of cream, blush, and sage that are perfect for frolicking through fields or picnicking under a willow tree.

best vintage clothing shops on etsy

7. Dulcette Vintage

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Nestled deep in the heart of Etsy lies a charming shop that beckons to all admirers of vintage clothing and the budding cottagecore aesthetic.

Delicately embroidered dresses, dainty lace blouses, and timeless skirts dance gracefully in the virtual storefront, each piece seeming to tell a story of days gone by.

Perhaps it's the intricate lace trimmings that transport you to a simpler time, or the subdued floral patterns that whisper of idyllic country living.

Regardless of what draws you in, this quaint little shop is a veritable treasure trove of romantic and whimsical clothing that will leave you feeling enchanted long after you've clicked the checkout button.

best vintage clothing shops on etsy

8. Luola

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Every aspect of this boutique store exudes a dreamy, magical atmosphere.

From the dainty jewelry that glimmers and shines under the light to the whimsical décor that transports you into a fairytale, it’s impossible not to feel whimsical and enchanted.

Luola’s products are the epitome of elegance, perfect for a date night or simply adding a touch of romance to your everyday style.

best vintage clothing shops on etsy

9. Linen Life Store

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Step into the whimsical world of this Etsy shop, where everything is wrapped in a dreamy haze of nostalgia and cottagecore magic. This shop specializes in the finest quality linens that are guaranteed to transport you to a simpler time where the world moved at a slower pace.

Their linens exude an Old World charm that is perfect for anyone who embraces the beauty of the countryside and the serenity of nature. From flowing skirts to linen dresses, their outfits are perfect for adding a touch of romance to any outfit.

best vintage clothing shops on etsy

10. Little Raisin Vintage

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Little Raisin Vintage boutique invites you to indulge in the most exquisite vintage treasures. Every piece is uniquely curated with love and attention to detail, just waiting to ignite a spark in your heart.

Each item has its own history, carrying the fragrant whispers of days gone by. From corduroy shirts to delicate lace, all garments are carefully handpicked to reflect the many facets of vintage charm.

best vintage clothing shops on etsy

In conclusion:

Etsy is a treasure trove of vintage clothing shops, each with its own unique collection of vintage pieces.

Whether you're looking for a vintage dress, a retro sweater, or a classic leather jacket, you're sure to find something that fits your style and budget.

The vintage clothing shops we've listed are among the best on Etsy, but there are many other great shops out there as well. So take some time to browse and explore, and you might just find your new favorite vintage piece. Happy shopping!

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